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Update: As of July 2015, the Green Deal Scheme has been closed. However, we can still connect you with some fantastic funding options for your home improvements. Simply click any "Apply Now" Button to find out more.

With the Green Deal scheme you can get help to improve energy efficiency within your home or business. This Government initiative has been designed to achieve energy savings across the UK and reduce impact on the environment.

Green Deal improves energy efficiency in your home or business


Eligible improvements are measures such as double glazed windows, heating, insulation, solar panels and energy generation options such as wind turbines.

Rather than paying large one off amounts, Green Deal finance allows you to stagger repayments for energy saving improvements. The repayments are made from the energy savings that the new improvements give you and are worked into your monthly energy bill.

Effectively this means that you can add value to your property, have a warmer, drier and more efficient home or business without any increase to your monthly outgoings. The other added bonus is that the more efficient your home or business is the lesser the impact your energy use has on the environment.

If you ever choose to move to a new home or premises then there are no strings attached. The Green Deal stays with the property and the new owners take over the repayments.

You may be eligible for the Green Deal scheme. The way to find out is to apply for a free assessment. During the assessment a certified assessor will view your property and be able to let you know if you are eligible. In some cases, people may even qualify for completely free energy improvements via alternative government grants. Book your assessment now by pre-applying now.

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How the Green Deal UK Scheme worked...


The chart above shows how the Green Deal assessment worked. Many types of energy improvements fell under the Green Deal scheme. Improvements included things like double glazing, solar panels, heating and insulation. Even though the Green Deal is closed, we can connect you with similar funding options for your home improvements. Apply now.

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DECC Green Deal

Green Deal subsidy may be as much as £4,000 for solid wall insulation

Thursday, February 20, 2014
The recent press release for new cash back incentives for solid wall, roof and double glazing is a much needed boost to the Green Deal scheme and Green Deal providers.. Solid wall cash backs have increased from £650 up to £4,000, 'room in roof insulation from £220 up to £1,000 and double glazing from £320 up to £650. The new rates and contribution cap will apply to any cash back applications made from the 13 December 2013 and there has been an ext ..

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