Green Deal Cash Back Programs Save You Money

There's good news for British homeowners. The new Green Deal cash back program offers incentives to help homeowners make their homes energy efficient. Homeowners can earn cash back and in some cases it can even defray some costs of renovations.

Many homeowners in the UK are struggling to pay their electric bills. Leading experts have noted a rising trend of fuel poverty. Fuel poverty is when homeowners struggle to pay their energy bills and in some cases cannot afford to heat their homes.

The purpose of the Green Deal scheme is to help homes become energy efficient. This will help to reduce energy bills and to make energy more affordable for everyone participating in the scheme.

Home improvements to become energy efficient can be costly. New boilers, upgrades to your insulation, new glazing solutions and other energy savings measures can add up to thousands of pounds. The Government’s Green Deal scheme is helping households that want to reduce their carbon footprint in their home and reduce their energy bills. The Green Deal supports the funding of this process with loans attached to the property and in some instances cash back incentives to install some of the measures.

The process to obtain a cash back incentive is relatively simple. The homeowner would set up an appointment with a Green Deal assessor to qualify for the incentive. Qualified assessors can be found on the government's official Green Deal website or you can go through the qualification process on our website and one of our team will be in contact to take you through the process.

There are many energy saving measures that are covered under the Green Deal program. 

Some homeowners may be surprised that their homes may qualify for. The age of the home is not a qualifying factor and the applicant is not means tested. Some improvements included in the Green Deal are boiler upgrades, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, floor insulation, glazing solutions, solar panels, heat pumps and piping work. Our team will work with you to see what you will qualify for.

The Green Deal cash back program is not only a great way to save costs associated with renovations, but it will also save money over time with lower monthly energy bills.

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