A Rewarding Program That Keeps On Rewarding Years Later

Every now and then a phenomenal opportunity arises that simply should not be passed up. Residents of England and Wales have one of these golden opportunities that can benefit their homes as well as the environment -- the Green Deal Government Cashback program.

This program offers householders cash back from the government when you upgrade your boiler and insulation. There are also other measures like air and ground source heat pumps which also may qualify for a cash back under the RHI scheme. Basically, a homeowner replaces old and outdated items with newer versions that are designed to make a home more energy efficient to earn this cashback reward. Homeowners are encouraged to quickly take advantage of this time sensitive program that will benefit a lot of people. Talk to our team today to discover what you may qualify for.

The process to qualify for government grants or the ‘cash-back’ scheme is to go through an online qualification. After this is completed one of our team will contact you to ask additional qualification questions before arranging an assessor to visit your home.

The next step is to contact a contractor or company that has been registered as a Green Deal Provider. These companies and installation contractors are pre-approved by the government and offer energy efficient products and services. Our team will help to manage this process for you to ensure everything is hassle free for you.

After being approved the improvements and installations must be done within the period specified on the voucher. The Cashback reward payment can be expected within 30 days of being submitted in to the government. This rewarding program enables households to make energy saving which saves money on your energy bills, while keeping your home comfortable all year around.

It is amazing how much warmer or cooler a home can be when the right type of insulation or new measures such as boilers, windows, and heat pumps are installed. What is even more impressive is the amount of money that is saved annually on utility bills after making these improvements. Energy efficient products and home improvements are paving the way for a healthier environment for the entire world.

The less energy consumed by us means that precious environmental resources can be preserved and less pollution will be spilled into the air and earth. Making the effort to become more environmentally conscience is as easy as making a few home improvements. Take advantage of the Green Deal Government Cashback program today!.

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