How To Become a Green Deal Installer

Green Deal InstallerThe Green Deal scheme is a special government agreement that can help homeowners make significant energy saving improvements to their homes or businesses. Because the Green Deal is a loan and not a grant, most people who are eligible will have to pay back the costs of the improvements back over a period of time. The advantage of the scheme is that the savings you will be making on your energy bills will be more than enough to cover the repayment of the loan.

When a property has been assessed and approved for Green Deal measurements, certified Green Deal Installers will carry out the work on the property. Only authorised green deal installers can make the necessary energy efficiency improvements as approved under the scheme. If you are an independent operator or have a company involved in installing measures for the programme you can go through and gain certification if you meet the necessary criteria.

Green Deal Installer

If a company is interested, it must be certified by an appropriate certification body under the terms of PAS 2030, (publicly available specificationOnce your company is approved, the certification body will register your company for the Green Deal with the appropriate board and license you with the Green Deal Quality Mark, allowing you to use it during your installations. With the approval given, it is the responsibility of the company holder to make certain that all of the employees continue to meet the relevant standards.

Green Deal Installers

The individual standards include complying under all of the conditions that are detailed by the Green Deal Practice Code, which can be viewed on the GD ORB and DECC websites. Additionally, the company is required to keep clear and understandable records of the work that is done and to allow the monitoring of active installations when such activities are requested. All installers are certified to perform any of the different measures as requested by the customer. This ensures that all customers will get their requested installations done to the highest standards as regulated by the Green Deal agreement. Each company can be certified for as many different measures as they wish to be able to install, so long as they meet the appropriate standards.

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