Condensing Boilers, Efficient Oil Gas

If you need a good replacement for an older oil or gas boiler in the UK, then a condensing type boiler is a fantastic option. Condensing boilers are covered by the Green Deal.   

What is a condensing boiler? A condensing boiler can be either oil or gas but operate at a very high efficiency level. Condensing boilers are efficient because they work like this…when water is heated, the waste gases from heating are used to preheat the water that is let into the boiler. By using this method, it takes less heating of the boiler in order to get the water heated to the right temperature. This makes the entire system much more efficient than when using other standard type oil or gas boilers. An estimated efficiency rating of 89% and above can be obtained when you use typical condensing boilers and this rate is 25% more efficient than that of non-condensing boilers.

When looking for a replacement for your existing oil or gas boiler, it is recommended that you look for the most efficient type of boiler because it will account for 60% of your annual energy expenditure. You can now find the rainbow coloured European Union Energy Labels on several products ranging from bulbs to automobiles and the different colours represent the energy rating from A to G.

These ratings are given to all new boilers too with A being the most efficient. You will be able to make an annual saving of £300 by replacing a ‘G’ rated boiler with an ‘A’ rated one. Boiler installation would cost an approximate £2500 but being an average cost, this is likely to vary for different boilers.

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