Green Deal double glazing

Green Deal Loans ProgramGoing green often has an unfortunate price tag affixed to it. While many people certainly want a healthier planet, very few want to pick up the tab for making the world a bit cleaner. If you want people to go green, then, it stands to reason that one must try to eliminate some of the up-front costs. Enter the Green Deal loans program, which offers homeowners low-cost, long-term loans to make energy-saving upgrades to their home.

There are tens of thousands of homes in the UK that need to be updated to energy efficient standards., The downside is that most home owners to not have the financial ability to bring his or her home up to modern standards. Here enters the Green Deal loan, which allows homeowners to pay off energy-efficient home improvements (including everything from new appliances or double glazed windows to solar panels) over the course of twenty-five years. These loans should never exceed the current cost of the homeowner's pre-upgrade utility bills, giving borrowers a chance to upgrade their homes without having to worry about paying out extra money each month.

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Green Deal loans are fairly easy to apply for. The lending criteria are not means driven and almost eighty percent of applicants qualify for assistance. . The home owner pays the loan back as part of their energy bill payment each month to their energy company. - The Golden Rule ensures that your energy savings should be more than the finance payment required to install the measures which is a win/win for everyone. You can even get some cash backs on some of the energy measures. Green Deal loans are a good fit for homeowners looking to reduce their home's energy costs. Whether you desperately need a new boiler in your home or you believe that adding in double-glazed windows will help you to do your part in saving the planet, the Green Deal loans program is something will work investigation.

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