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Is the Guardian being too harsh?

Monday, January 20, 2014

In the Guardian article on Saturday the 18th of January the authors describe the Green Deal as the "green disaster". At the top of the article their focus is on the 100,000 people who have signed up for the first stage of Green Deal of which only 458 households have signed onto finance.This indeed looks dim until you read further into the article.

If you make it to the last two sentences of the overview you actually get to the facts. The final paragraph highlights that "between launch and September 2013, between 58,000 and 64,000 had installed at least one recommended measure, or definitely/probably intended to install one" This paints a far different picture of the scheme and indicates a strong interest in the subsidies and the program in general.

The Green Deal is not a quick fix scheme and is an ongoing initiative to reduce carbon emissions through to the year 2050. Parts of the scheme like Affordable Warmth has been well subscribed. Affordable Warmth supports those most at risk in the UK and targets people in fuel poverty. Although a lot is discussed in the media about the low conversion ratio from Green Deal assessment to funding the excellent results recorded in other parts of the scheme under ECO have been conveniently ignored.

I am not saying that it has all been plain sailing. The government systems to administer the Green Deal scheme has been delayed on several occasions and it is still a clumsy paper war to complete the administration for an install. Will it get better, of course it will!

A review of the ECO side of the equation is planned to be completed by the end of March. A relaxation on 'easy to treat' measures across all of the different ECO pots is anticipated resulting in accelerated installations for those most at need. As more Green Deal Providers get approved  this should create more competitive financing options and 2015 should see a steady rise in measures being installed.

Perhaps it is time for the media to embrace the carbon reduction message and work to educate and help people take advantage of the subsidies that are on offer.

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